MNR Minister Orazietti defends bats! … in Toronto

Ontario: yours to discover…the dead bodies

In today’s Queen’s Park Update is a note that the Minister of Natural Resources, David Orazietti, was to hold a media event today to announce this year’s Species At Risk Stewardship Fund projects, and in particular, “showcase” the government’s efforts to protect bats in Toronto.
All the other bats in Ontario, including those in Prince Edward County, Amherst Island, the north shore of Lake Erie, the Huron Coast, and Dufferin County (where the wind power developer’s expert investigated the wrong species of bat but then concluded, they’ll all be dead of white nose syndrome in five years anyway, so what the hey)—-YOU can all just suffer your demise.
Species At Risk? Doesn’t amount to a hill of beans next to the Ministry of the Environment’s “overall benefit” credo. Wind power is so wonderful for the environment, that the deaths of any form of wildlife, even at-risk or endangered, is inconsequential.

WCO March 5

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