Manitoulin Island turbines set to start spinning

First McLean’s wind turbine spins this week

MCLEAN’S MOUNTAIN—Islanders will see some of the 24 wind turbines atop
McLean’s Mountain begin to turn as the commissioning process begins this
week on the Northland Power McLean’s Mountain wind farm project.
Paul Kaminski, construction project manager with Northland Power, spoke
with The Expositor on Friday afternoon, explaining that the underwater
cable and transmission station was to be “energized,” starting the night
of March 7 with the commissioning of the wind turbines to begin this
week. Construction on the last of the turbines was finished on December
28 with the entire project expected to be wrapped up by May, Mr. Kaminski
said. However, he added, “there are many things that could come up during
this time.”
The remaining workforce has been divided into two teams: one for pre-
commissioning and one for commissioning. The turbines are being
commissioned one at a time.
“There’s no denying that winter has been a factor here,” Mr. Kaminski
said of the project’s timeline, “but, overall, we’re happy with the
The workforce on the wind farm project in mid-summer swelled to over 100
people employed by White Construction with roughly half that number of
workers currently. Mr. Kaminski explained that White also had over 20
subcontractors employed at the site. Once the project is completed,
Northland Power will employ three people in full-time jobs, including the
manager’s position, with General Electric, the turbines’ manufacturer,
employing an additional two people.
“We are very pleased that with that many workers performing daily
activities for an extended duration, the project safety record continues
to be very good,” Mr. Kaminski added.
The collector system, located along the 20th Sideroad in the Green Bush,
is also nearing completion and Mr. Kaminski reports that the Northeast
Town, Rick Bond of the Manitoulin Snowdusters and the lead contractor
with White Construction met last week and, in time for an expected
increased use of the Snowdusters’ trails for March Break, equipment has
been cleared out of that section of the Island’s trail plan.
While work along that section of trail is finished, the heavy equipment
has left the trail too rough for safe use, he added.
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**Blog Editor Note: The McLean’s Mountain project will cost the citizens of Ontario $20.5 million per year, and $411 million over the 20-year life of the project.

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