Health Canada wind farm study a “slap in the face” to Ontario

Health Canada HQ: once a protector, now industry collaborator?
Health Canada HQ: once a protector, now industry collaborator?

The Manitoulin Expositor has published an article today on the Health Canada turbine noise study (which becomes more problematic with the analysis being done on it each passing day), repeating the federal government claims that no link was found between turbine noise and health effects (but omitting the government statement that “the study did demonstrate a relationship between increasing levels of wind turbine noise and annoyance”.
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The leader of the Manitoulin Coalition for Safe Energy Alternatives*, Ray Beaudry, was interviewed for the article. His comments:

In a Monday interview with The Expositor, Ray Beaudry, president of the Manitoulin Coalition for Safety Energy Alternatives Inc., called the study “a slap in the face of the people who are suffering.”
He said the study seems to be industry-led due to what he calls the push for turbines by the government, noting that the study participants did not include those “forced out of their homes” from ill health due to turbines.
“It hasn’t been researched by peer reviewed articles either,” he said. “It’s just a summary, not fully reviewed.”
Mr. Beaudry said his family has filed 41 noise complaints citing vibration, amplitude, grinding gears and high pitched noises, to name just a few of the disturbances, none of which have been answered by the Ministry of Environment.
“It’s the mandate of the government to push these things through,” he added.

Wind Concerns Ontario has convened an expert panel to review the findings, and will report soon.

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