Follow the maze of wind power “green” connections!

Too cold to go out and do anything today? Follow this little maze of agency connections for a little amusement, as created by Parker Gallant.
Follow along!
From the CanWEA page here:
Click on “Health” at the top to go to:
Go to “Did you know” which has this question:  The Ontario Ministry of Environment estimates that shutting down coal will reduce health care costs by $3 billion annually” and you will see a link to:
OCCCAE – Facts and Myths Debunked and click on that link which takes you to: which has a full page of complete bunk!   In that site you will find all kinds of claims as to members, etc., but no names of anyone connected with the site.
Doing a Google search on “Ontario Citizens’ Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy” leads you to the following:  where you find that the creator of OCCCAE is Michel Fortin and he is now the new “Director of Strategy and Member Services” at OSEA.  Fortin’s bio indicates he is a York Universitygrad (ditto for Stevens the ED of OSEA) who took “environmental sciences” just like Stevens.
Just a little incestuous!  Sure would like to know where OSEA gets all its money!
If you want to donate to OCCCAE you send your cheque to:

Ontario Citizens’ Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy
c/o Bennett Jones LLP
3400 One First Canadian Place
P.O. Box 130
Toronto  ON  M5X 1A4

NB:  Doing a “who is” search provides no information as to the ownership or administration of any of the above domains except for OSEA.  What are they hiding?

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  • Barbara
    Posted January 31, 2015 10:21 pm 0Likes

    York University
    ‘Wahts’ the difference between Environmental Science and Environmental Studies?’
    “Environmental Science is the scientific study of the environment and the effects of humans on environmental systems.”
    “Environmental Studies focuses on the complex issues regarding the sustainability of the global environment in the face of human development.”
    Also offer:
    Environmental Biology Program which focuses on the biology of environmental issues.

  • Khris
    Posted January 31, 2015 11:43 pm 0Likes

    Follow the links and the green power smells. Tha target is taxes washed thru the liberal green energy act. The credibility factor is going to be the undoing of the liberals in Ontario.

  • Barbara
    Posted February 1, 2015 8:53 pm 0Likes

    Have also encountered websites where no information is provided as to ownership or sponsorship.
    On that basis, I just don’t use information provided by websites that don’t provide this kind of information.
    People should also separate the little “fish” from the big “fish”.

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