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    Only fools would support these absurd industrial wind energy projects!
    Who would tell landowners not to be worried about the landowner liabilities???
    – leaking oil
    – construction damages
    – property encumbrances (you can bet the farm!)
    – the harm caused to you & your family,
    think, medical, health, life, death,
    of being proximate to noisy, polluting industrial machines,,
    What about Rylands & Fletcher?
    that old legal concept,
    that you have liability
    if something on your property
    causes damage to neighbours.
    No-good Premiere Kathleen Wynne
    accused honourable Member of Parliament, Patrick Brown
    of being “against clean energy”,
    which she is
    using to refer to industrial wind energy projects.
    If this form of energy is so “clean”
    why are there so many legal conflicts about it?
    It’s one of the dirtiest businesses I’ve ever witnessed.
    Brave new Premier Kathleen Wynne
    also accused Patrick Brown of being
    “against fighting climate change.”
    Premier Kathleen Wynne, Minister of War.
    Children are being conditioned to be afraid
    of “climate change”!
    The climate has ALWAYS BEEN changing!
    I accuse Premier Wynne
    and call her out–
    What some children ARE
    and SHOULD BE afraid of
    is the harm, damages, loss of property, home & security
    pain, suffering & other stress—
    the TERROR
    caused by recklessly negligent fraudulent industrial wind energy projects.
    For example:
    (With the utmost respect and sensitivity
    for the victims who have already gone thru
    too much…
    Rest In Peace…)
    What Suncor (& others) are doing to those families
    is immoral, unjust,
    & maybe illegal (if anyone could afford to pursue it).
    But you won’t hear
    some of the victims tell you what happened
    because they’re gagged
    or dead.
    And there are children involved.
    “I am aware that not all of the victims were compensated
    and some of the victims are children.”
    I Repeat:
    “I am aware that not all of the victims were compensated
    and some of the victims are children.”

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