No permit for illegal Falmouth turbines, says MD

FalmouthTurbinesThe health problems are real
Falmouth, MA-area physician who specializes in psychiatry and who has training in sleep deprivation, Dr William Hallstein, has written a letter to local zoning officials. He urges them not to issue a permit for the Falmouth wind turbines which were illegally constructed, and for which a permit is now being sought.
Here is an excerpt from his letter:

The sensations are real and disturbing. It is totally clear to me that I could not live within the radius of influence of the turbines, and I have no idea how the neighbors who are in the turbine area can sustain a healthy quality of life. Against the backdrop of what I have learned from personal experience with the effect of the turbines I see the Town of Falmouth trying to crush the residents impacted by the turbines.


I am writing because I have witnessed Town of Falmouth officials and members of other boards trivialize symptom reports from people who are stalwart residents of the Town of Falmouth. I have witnessed attempts by town officials and other board members to discredit people whom I believe the wind turbines are hurting. Furthermore, all the Wind I neighbors I have examined are passionate about the need for sustainable energy in an effort to reduce fossil fuel dependence.

I see no honest way for the ZBA to issue a permit for the Falmouth wind turbines.

Read the entire letter to the Zoning Board here: Jan 2016 William Hallstein, MD letter to Falmouth
You may also wish to view a documentary on the Falmouth experience, prepared by PBS station WGBH here.

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  • Sommer
    Posted February 16, 2016 9:04 pm 0Likes

    “The ONLY experts in the discussion are the people who are sensing the sound, vibrations, pressure waves, etc emitted by the turbines. There is no one more “expert” than these people. No so called expert has either equipment nor information more accurate and sensitive than the affected residents’ nervous systems. NO instruments more sensitive than people have been invented! Others who claim to be experts are peddling smoke and mirrors in an effort to invalidate and discredit the affected residents.”
    This statement is absolutely key to understanding why people who are forced to live with the effects of these turbines are so enraged at being questioned as to the validity of their experiences.
    Surrounding residentially or recreationally zoned properties or farm houses with these turbines is a crime! This crime needs to be thoroughly exposed now.

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