No means NO, London-area municipality tells Wynne government

Community ‘engagement’ just means meetings, says Dutton Dunwich mayor: municipal support of wind power bids should be mandatory requirement for bids

84% of Dutton-Dunwich citizens said NO to proposed wind farm. They got one anyway.
84% of Dutton-Dunwich citizens said NO to proposed wind farm. They got one anyway.

London Free Press, April 28, 2016
By Deborah van Brenk
An Elgin County community that stands to gain a wind farm it doesn’t want has told regulators they should count native endorsement of a project only if the bands have claims near the planned site.
Dutton Dunwich says any future renewable-energy rules should also require municipal support before any contract can be awarded.
Still steamed by a 20-turbine project awarded to Chicago-based Invenergy this month, Dutton Dunwich wants the province to do more than just tweak rules for Large Renewable Procurement (LRP) for wind, solar and water power. The Independent Electricity Systems Operator has asked for corporate and municipal feedback for the next two LRP rounds.
Under current rules, a company needs to prove it has engaged the community if it wants to win a contract. But that doesn’t mean what Dutton Dunwich thought it meant. “They talk about community engagement. All that means is public meetings,” said Mayor Cameron McWilliams.
His council has unanimously passed a resolution saying a municipality’s no should mean no and only a municipal ‘yes’ can place a project in the running.
In Dutton Dunwich, in a referendum answered by 56 per cent of voting-aged residents, 84 per cent said they didn’t want turbines.
NCC Developments — a green-energy partnership among six Northern First Nations groups — has a 10% ownership interest in the Invenergy Strong Breeze project in Dutton Dunwich.
In a letter to The Free Press NCC chief executive officer Geordi Kakepetum said the proximity of native partners should have no bearing on a project’s value.
NCC’s revenue from this project will help First Nations develop remote solar microgrids and reduce dependence on diesel, it says.
Dutton Dunwich also wants to know why some projects were selected and others rejected. “As elected officials, we are supposed to be transparent . . . but it doesn’t seem to work at a provincial level,” McWilliams said.
The six northern First Nations are hundreds of kilometres northwest of Dutton Dunwich.
But there is precedent for green-energy contracts with aboriginal support far from where the power would be generated: A solar project in Ryerson Twp west of Algonquin Park is backed by Missanabie Cree First Nation near Sault Ste. Marie; a hydro-electric project on the Trenton Locks near Belleville has backing from Dokis First Nation west of North Bay; and Invenergy’s solar contract at Lake Simcoe Airport also has support from the NCC in Ontario’s northwest.
NCC says Dutton Dunwich should be proud to be part of the greening of Ontario.
And, it notes, Dutton Dunwich will see economic benefit from the $150-million development: 150 construction jobs, plus local suppliers providing many of the materials; and tax revenue in excess of $4 million during the 20 years of the contract.
McWilliams said the province limits tax assessments of turbines to about one-fiftieth of their actual value. “I’m not disputing there’s some tax revenue but it’s not significant.”
Neighbouring Malahide Township offered to be a host site to turbines but the bidder there was unsuccessful. …
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  • Justifiably Pissed Off
    Posted April 30, 2016 9:38 am 0Likes

    Sure…Trudeau is hauling water for the Natives; “honoring the treaty” making provisions. The Natives are in the government “phase” of brainwashing them, filling their heads with “green” propaganda. Put the turbines on their land. Create jobs for them so they’re not sitting around getting depressed, drinking, doing drugs, raping and killing indigenous women.
    Honor my treaty. I have the right to live in my home free from harm. The infrasound radiation from the nearby turbines permeates my space; polluting my environment which has caused me severe health problems. Lord only knows what to expect in the future in terms of illness. I’m sure infrasound radiation has decreased my life span significantly.
    By the way, “Vice” was filming a documentary at the time when Justy was doing his deed in the north.
    The pretty boy facade is wearing thin Justin.

  • Justifiably Pissed Off
    Posted April 30, 2016 2:10 pm 0Likes

    London news today: re: hydro increase
    London wants to stop selling off hydro because “it is causing an increase in cost!”
    London has been told the cost is going up tomorrow because they were not using enough hydro!!
    Wait until they figure out the price that excess hydro is being sold to the Americans.
    Perhaps one would also take note of “delivery charges” etc. is chance of that. people are out at the malls today..smoking the credit card.

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