Wind farm contract gag clauses prevent release public health info, say C-K residents

Water from Dover area wells showing sediment. [Photo: Sydenham Current]
A resident of Dover Centre in Chatham-Kent is calling for leaseholders in wind turbine projects to be released from the non-disclosure or “gag” clauses that are preventing full awareness of the situation regarding contaminated well water in the region, says a resident writing in the Sydenham Current.
When the recent appeal of the North Kent 1 wind power project was dismissed, the only expert advice offered was the technical report completed by Golder & Associates, paid for by the wind power developer.
“What if accepting the wind developer’s Golder report the Mayor and Mr. Norton put all of Chatham township’s property at risk from an environmental stigma?” asks letter writer Peter Hensel.
” A stigma that the aquifer below would be contaminated with vibrations and is no longer capable of providing safe clean water. You think your property won’t drop like a stone in value? Think again.
“What if accepting the Wind developer’s Golder report the Mayor and Mr Norton allowed pile driven turbine foundations that increased the heavy metal concentrations in the source water – the water in the aquifer below Chatham township? What price do you put on your families’ health?”
The Environmental Review Tribunal refused appellant Kevin Jakubec time to have other experts review the Golder report, which jeopardized his appeal.
“It was only because the MOECC [Environmental] Tribunal Branch refused a time extension to let Mr. Jakubec bring in well test results from Dover into the Trubunal’s final hearing did Mr. Jakubec make the best of Tribunal process and took what gains he could get from the mediation.
“Ask Mr. Jakubec if he stopped investigating Dover,” says Mr Hensel. “Ask Mr. Jakubec if the Tribunal process is fair and that everything is neatly wrapped up now as Mayor Hope and [C-K legal counsel] Mr. Norton would want you to believe.”
Read the entire letter here.

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  • Tracy
    Posted January 26, 2017 2:32 pm 0Likes

    Wny in God’s name, when there is risk of human fatality, lease holders abide by the “gag clause” ? Negative impact to human health was not what they bargained for. Should you purchase a defective product, you would not think twice to return it.
    These wind companies gave you much more then $$$ in the bank and it certainly was not all good. That is why we call them “snake oil salesmen.” They are bandits. What they gave you was illegal and lethal, not only to you and your family, but to your neighbors as well. The wind company knew infrasound is harmful to humans. There has been studies, peer reviewed published real science, as far back as the 70’s indicating infrasound is harmful.
    In all reality, those holding leases can be sued by those who are harmed by exposure to their neighbors’ toxic development.
    Lease holders signed leases in good faith. Unfortunately they have been dooped.
    As well, there seems to be little concern about the negative health impact from low frequency noise and infrasound. Like carbon monoxide poisoning, you cannot see it or smell it. It does not mean it’s not there.
    Is the lack of concern of the negative impact of infrasound on human health because it effects only 20-25% of people and you are counting on you will be one of the lucky ones – it will not be you or your family who are effected?
    Quite frankly, it boils down to greed, ignorance and/or is it we just don’t care about our fellow man, those who are effected by the toxic exposure to infrasound?
    I need help. I asked for your support when our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently visited London. I stood with my sign, ALONE in the cold night at the entrance to Alumni Hall, Western University.
    I was a relatively healthy, successful, middle aged woman before the wind turbine development at my home. I have shared much of my medical documentation globally, with phycians; as well as testified as a witness at an environmental tribunal.
    In regards to legal action, class action suits, etc., perhaps as usual, I will stand alone.
    In closing, the contaminants will not only be to the water, but will be in the air as well.
    Wind turbines kill. Wind turbines are blood money.
    Yes, I am frustrated and discouraged. The little hope I have left is waning.

    • Wind Concerns Ontario
      Posted January 26, 2017 2:38 pm 0Likes

      Thank you for your courage that day, and we are absolutely certain your message was noticed.

    • Sommer
      Posted January 27, 2017 10:12 am 0Likes

      Tracy, you are not alone, even though it may have felt like that. It’s very difficult to assemble large crowds.
      Nonetheless, there is a strong, intelligent group of people working very hard behind the scenes and the momentum has never been higher.
      Those who are working for the various ministries and within the legal justice system and taking their orders from this Premier will reach a point where their consciences will not allow them to continue to be paid to harm people and turn a blind eye. We know who they are.
      Please stay strong.

  • Tracy
    Posted January 26, 2017 3:31 pm 0Likes

    The government and wind turbine companies have not been law abiding. Yet people choose to abide by the “gag order” in the agreement. What reason, more important then life and death would prevent one from breaking this clause? If you abide, people will die. If you do not abide, lives will be saved and money will be paid. There is that question again: What value do you put on a human life?
    Recently, anti-Trump Canadians showed support for their fellow Americans in their march for Women’s rights. This was the largest demonstration in history!
    Our industrial wind turbine is also a global concern. Wouldn’t it be great if we could do the same? Unfortunately we do not have enough supporters, because it does not effect more people. It appears that 20-25% of the population is not a concern. People generally don’t care what goes on outside of their lives.
    On the bright side, low frequency noise and infrasound is deadly. This renewable energy movement could assist in the reduction of global population!
    Harmful LFN effects mostly the elder, children, and women. It appears men are least effected, supporting the Darwin theory “the strong go on.” We lose out again ladies!
    It has been announced that IKEA has recently invested in renewable energy, more specifically industrial wind turbines; 55 of them in Alberta (as if they don’t have enough on their plates). What is put forward to the public is the greatness of it; how it will provide energy to numerous Ikea stores and homes. May I suggest a boycott if IKEA in support of our neighbors to the west. I have said, we should take care of our own, what’s going on in our own backyards first. If we can protest for our neighbors in America, how about it for our cousins in Alberta, Canada?!

    • Barbara
      Posted January 26, 2017 9:42 pm 0Likes

      Many companies are now in bed with developers, ENGOs, politicians, academics and who knows how many others there are. A giant money machine is rolling now.
      Those who accept free pre-construction water testing to establish baselines will have no one to blame but themselves if things turn out badly.

    • Barbara
      Posted January 26, 2017 11:24 pm 0Likes

      EDF/Environmental Defense Fund, U.S.
      Note the Board of Trustee members names.
      Use this website search and enter: Canada

  • Stan Thayer
    Posted February 28, 2017 6:41 am 0Likes

    To do what, to do what! Recently I spoke with a man from near Cold Lake Alberta. Company X offered him money and good fortune. I offered him bad news and warnings. Which one do you think he took?
    The animals are gone and the barn has been torn down and sold for scrap but I still wake up about 430,,,,,,to do what?
    We blocked every major highway in the province. 20,000 people to Ottawa. Dumped milk on Parliament hill. Meetings with Kathleen Wynne until we realized it was futile. They, (the Dalton gang), were taking and giving bribes and kick-backs all those years ago and nothing has changed but my calendar. They lie and cheat and produce lots of documents to be doctored as needed. Some of our meetings produced three sets of minutes,,,,,,,none the same.
    In with my will are clippings of misleading newspaper articles and other travel receipts and papers to show people in the future that I did try what I could to slow the rape of us taxpayers.
    This Liberal government is killing Ontario one cut at a time by allowing themselves to be influenced from outside to only their benefit.
    I will still do everything in my power to stop them!
    Ideas welcome!
    Stan Thayer

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