“Gasping in despair”: Ontario’s rural communities, victims of Wynne government wind power cabal

In aiding wind power corporations, the Ontario government has essentially released wild dogs onto Ontario’s landscape without oversight, or means of bringing them to heel

“To despoil the environment. To slaughter endangered species. To make folks sick.” From the independent Wellington Times, a powerful overview of what the McGuinty-Wynne governments have done to Ontario while aiding huge corporations to build wind power plants

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It begs the question: what was Kathleen Wynne and her government smoking when they let loose their own man-made monsters across rural Ontario—in the form of industrial wind developers and speculators?
Even if you buy the sentiment that their motivations were well-intentioned, the undeniable outcome of the Green Energy Act is that Kathleen Wynne and Dalton McGuinty have spawned armies of amoral monstrous corporate creatures and have let them loose to roam unfettered across the province. To wreak havoc in rural communities. To despoil the environment. To slaughter endangered species. To make folks sick.
Worse, our government has paved the way, clearing hurdles and slashing regulations to enable these creatures to prey upon vulnerable communities, natural habitats and endangered species. Now they have lost control of their grotesque creations. Even Kathleen Wynne must know how this story ends.
Near Chatham, folks believe the wind developer working nearby has poisoned their wells—allowing toxins into their drinking supply. They have done the testing. They have spoken out. They have protested. Marched on Queen’s Park. Kathleen Wynne has ignored them.
Wynne, her government and her supporters comfort themselves believing the scourge they have unleashed—though ugly and abusive— is a necessary evil. That the greater good is being served. They ignore the folks holding up jars of black liquid, pleading with the province to test their water, drawn from wells that have become undrinkable since the wind developer began driving piles into the bedrock to secure its massive wind turbines. Even Chatham- Kent’s mayor has demanded Kathleen Wynne intervene to protect these residents. It has made no difference.
Left without the protection of the province—without the safeguards that would protect them from any other development— these folks took matters into their own hands. In August, they began blockading the construction site— neighbours joining together to form a line against the threat to their drinking water.
On Monday, in a cruel blow, the developers— a Korean conglomerate and its American partner—won a court injunction barring any further blockades of the project. The judge said he wasn’t trying to muzzle opponents, but to “prohibit unlawful acts”.

People have to prove their water has been poisoned

In Ontario’s perverse hunger for industrial wind turbines, it turns out Chatham-Kent residents must first prove they have been poisoned by the developer, before they may seek justice. By then, of course, the damage will have been done. Recourse will expensive and, for most, unattainable.
Four years ago, the giant American wind developer Next Era sued Esther Wrightman for defamation. On her website she had altered the company’s logo to NextError and Next Terror. They wanted the logos removed or they would litigate the mother of two young children into oblivion. All these years later, the legal action is still pending. Wrightman wakes up every morning with the weight of this action still weighing on her head.
In Prince Edward County, a wind developer has been barred from constructing a nine-turbine project near Milford between May 1 and October 15. This was done expressly to protect the nesting grounds and habitat of the Blanding’s turtle, an endangered species in the province.
Nevertheless, crews have been busy these past few weeks clearing vegetation, preparing the site and delivering heavy equipment onto these protected lands. There are no consequences for ignoring the rules.

Families have left homes–no one will help

So, a developer ruins drinking water without penalty, another bullies a young mother into silence, and yet another crushes rules meant to save an endangered species. This is our Ontario. There are dozens more distressing stories just like these. Too many sad accounts of families forced to leave their homes because the noise and vibration from the massive machines proved intolerable.
No one is coming to help the folks in Chatham-Kent. No one from our government—those we entrust to protect us—is intervening between Next Era (market capitalization of $68 billion) and Esther Wrightman. And no one is coming to protect endangered species in South Marysburgh.
Wynne has lost control of her destructive and unscrupulous brutes. When the Liberal government eliminated the safeguards that once protected us from these threats, and cut municipalities and communities out of decision-making, they may have believed they were just streamlining processes. Instead, they unleashed wild dogs onto the Ontario landscape without oversight or the means to bring them back to heel.
Untethered by moral, ethical or community concerns, these corporate beasts consume and ravage everything they can get away with. Folks who have fought for years to protect the things our government was supposed to safeguard, have been left gasping in despair. Lacking legal remedies or protection, some have begun considering other means to protect their families, their communities and their land. If the government won’t protect them, they will do it themselves.
This is the horror Kathleen Wynne and Dalton McGuinty have wrought.


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  • Notinduttondunwich
    Posted October 7, 2017 6:23 pm 0Likes

    Very well written and true…. when government starts beating down its citizens with protest bans… gag orders… and intimidation you know someone is in the wrong…. and its usually not the citizens…
    Banning the right to protest is our contitutional right as Canadians… that decision in Chatham Kent was precident setting and will be applied to any and all protests in the near future…. whatch out Ontarions Kim Jung Kate Wynnd is flexxing her communist powers to keep the people in line!!!!!

  • Stan Thayer
    Posted October 7, 2017 11:54 pm 0Likes

    So the provincial Wynne government is guilty of horrific immorality and corruption. It also seems to me that the federal Liberals are looking the other way and staying as far away as possible. What a bunch of hypocrites.
    The MNR, MOE, OSPCA, MPAC and all other government entities should be court marshalled. The employees of these agencies have not performed to any level of competence as expected. They have embezzled taxpayer funds for personal gains just like their corrupt employer.
    I do not have the remedy for this terrible situation but I do know it is going to get worse before it gets better.
    Stan Thayer

  • Andre Lauzon
    Posted October 8, 2017 11:36 am 0Likes

    Yes, Stan Thayer, I also think it will get worse. If you look at the witless MSM and the poor quality of the people lined up to replace our present sack of witless, stupid leaders you have to deduct that things will get worse.

  • Barbara
    Posted October 8, 2017 1:47 pm 0Likes

    If the climate situation is as dire as some claim it is, then electricity and fossil fuels should be rationed. But there is no money to be made in rationing.
    However, there is money to be made in such things as energy efficiency, renewable energy projects, energy storage, transmission lines, and etc.

  • Richard Mann
    Posted October 8, 2017 6:42 pm 0Likes

    Barbara writes,
    “If the climate situation is as dire as some claim it is, then electricity and fossil fuels should be rationed. But there is no money to be made in rationing.”
    Our government has effectively implemented the “war measures act”. We are at war against climate change and all usual oversight (local planning laws) has been removed…

  • Stan Thayer
    Posted October 9, 2017 12:12 am 0Likes

    Before I head back to work on this mild holiday weekend here are some electrical grid figures from the 4th hour of Sunday October 8 2017.
    3 nuclear generators offline.
    26 hydro plants offline.
    44 gas plants offline.
    Moderately low grid demand of 13,925 MW.
    All IWT’S in the province at their maximum of 1185 MW which, by law, had to be purchased and disposed of at $3.00 per MW per hour.
    Perhaps someday they will be worth the trouble but it was not yesterday.
    Stan the power man

  • Tracy (T3 Tracy from turbine town) my handle of this original site many moon ago
    Posted October 9, 2017 10:37 pm 0Likes

    Good job “Stan the power man”…

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