Unifor turbine not compliant: MOECC

Noise abatement plan to be in place by March 18

Unifor turbine: Years of procrastination and failure of the regulator to regulate

March 5, 2018
Owen Sound District Manager for the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Rick Chappell told West Grey Council and a packed room of citizens today that the controversial single wind turbine in Port Elgin owned and operated by Unifor, is not compliant with provincial noise regulations.
A noise abatement plan has been ordered by the Ministry and must be in place by March 18.
The Unifor turbine has resulted in hundreds of complaints of excessive noise over the years, several TV news stories, and statements from the local municipality to the effect that the MOECC is failing in its role as a regulator.
West Grey Council, which had asked Chappell to appear to answer questions about why wind turbine noise complaints were not being resolved, accepted the news, and one councilor demanded that the MOECC now personally call everyone who had filed a report, and give them the news.
Councillors remarked that the decision to test the Unifor wind turbine noise output was the result of citizen complaints; a councilor advised residents to “keep complaining.”
Wind Concerns Ontario has reports provided by the MOECC that show 236 reports were filed up to the end of 2014. In the years 2009-2014, over half of the noise reports received by the MOECC got no response.

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  • Tracy
    Posted March 6, 2018 3:21 pm 0Likes

    Finally some truth and honesty, THANK YOU RICK CHAPPELL for respecting values exhibiting integrity, REPORTING THE TRUTH.
    Hopefully you will not be subject to a change of hands with money, gag orders or harm of any sort. This is what goes on behind closed doors in Ontario.
    I have been reporting regularly, since 2009 to the MOECC as directed. I have NOT received one response.
    Due to ill health suspected cause from excessive exposure to infrasound emitted from industrial wind turbines; after suffering a stroke, developing multiple lesions in my brain, experiencing takotsubo cardiomyopathy attacks, haemorrhaging from body organs; on advice from my doctor – I have moved out of my home in Clear Creek ON in 2010.
    In 2008, 18 1.65 mw Vista industrial wind turbines; the closest one being less than 400 meters from my home, were built WITHIN 3 km of my home.
    The CEO of this development is Mike Crawley, former administrative assistant to Dalton McGuinty. Crawley has since advanced to position of president of the FEDERAL Liberal party. Crawley has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in our tax money, in the form of government subsidies for building these wind developments. He continues to do this in now in Ontario and internationally.
    Norfolk County Council is well aware of this crime that continues in Norfolk County. A health investigation had been ordered years ago. Mayor Charlie Luke: you are well aware. WHY HAS AN INVESTIGATION NOT BEEN DONE?
    THIS IS CRIMINAL. Why has the Mayor not been ARRESTED?
    If I had not the sense to move away from the harmful infrasound, I believe I would be DEAD.
    I will not turn a blind eye to what is the biggest SCAM BY OUR GOVERNMENT IN THE HISTORY OF ONTARIO.
    This will not go away, even in my death. I say this because this is what the government and wind companies are hoping-that we go away and/or run out of resources to fight this fraud.
    Many of you, will find this unbelievable; perhaps feel helpless as to what you can do. Many simply don’t care – until it effects you personally, as in the form of a hit your pocket book as in high electricity bills, first and foremost.
    It boggles my mind how the well being of humans is ignored by many.
    Whether you believe it or not, this will effect you.
    One small effort you can make is to NOT vote for the Liberals come election time. Do it if not for yourself, but for future generations, YOUR CHILDREN.

  • Sommer
    Posted March 10, 2018 12:22 pm 0Likes

    With Bonnie Henderson, Unifor 4451 Environment Committee, Treasurer of the Ontario Environment Network, this situation where so many people have been /are being harmed because their environment has been ruined is astonishing!
    Is this why UNIFOR’s turbine has been allowed to keep running out of compliance?
    No wonder people are so disillusioned with so called ‘environmentalism’ and the ‘green’ agenda.

  • Richard Mann
    Posted March 10, 2018 6:08 pm 0Likes

    Dear WCO: I have just published my results on generation on infra sound. The results are available below or from my web page. Will you please write this up and publish on your main page? Thanks.
    Title Research Report on Infra Sound
    Author Richard Mann
    We have successfully produced infrasound, as a mirror of that produced by Industrial Wind Turbines, in a chamber capable of accommodating a human test subject. This will permit others, with appropriate medical training and ethical oversight, to research the effects of infrasound on humans.
    Date February 25, 2018; public release: March 2, 2018
    Report CS-2018-01 (PDF)

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