Rural hopes for a new Ontario government: peace, justice

Sunrise at Belle River power project: new hope for justice and resolution

June 8, 2018
Yesterday saw a dramatic change in governance in Ontario. Fifteen years of Liberal rule were over, and the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario — which has its base in rural Ontario — will form the new government.
For Ontario citizens who have been forced, through the previous government’s Draconian Green Energy Act, to live inside noisy, disruptive wind power projects, there is new hope for justice.
The Green Energy Act superseded 21 pieces of legislation in Ontario, and removed local land-use planning for “renewable” power projects. That meant that people living in small communities could see their municipal government seek consultation on other forms of development, but be without influence when multi-million-dollar industrial-scale wind turbines were put forward by the government and (mostly foreign-owned) wind power developers.
The government promised that if there were problems, they would pay attention to them: they didn’t. They promised they wouldn’t force the highly invasive, high-impact power projects on communities that didn’t want them: they did. And to this very day, to this minute, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change is ignoring the thousands upon thousands of reports of excessive noise and other impacts of the wind turbines. The government went so far as to instruct employees not to respond, event o close files without resolution, and to appoint certain employees to preach the gospel of non-harmful wind power while ignoring current research and even denigrating resident reports of health effects and harm (Rick Chappell in Owen Sound, we mean you).
The PC Party was the only one that actually developed a plan to do something about the misguided wind power plan in Ontario. They promised, months ago, to:

  • cancel the newest wind power projects
  • examine possibilities for renegotiating other contracts
  • enforce the noise regulations for wind turbines
  • revise the Green Energy Act

The new Premier, Doug Ford, also promised a public health investigation into the well water problems in Chatham-Kent, a situation for which the previous government dodged responsibility.
This new government will be facing a great deal of work now, with so many things mishandled in Ontario, but it is our hope that they soon fulfill these promises, which will benefit all people of Ontario by reducing electricity costs, and reducing harm to our fellow citizens.
Wind Concerns Ontario

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  • Sommer
    Posted June 8, 2018 8:23 pm 0Likes

    The most ethical response for this new government is to turn the turbines off. The wind companies and any government that wants to have them turned on needs to be forced to prove beyond the shadow of doubt that they are safe for the residents whose homes have been surrounded by them.
    There has never been justification for innocent men, women and children to be forced to be ‘collateral damage’ to this failed experiment.

  • Stan Thayer
    Posted June 9, 2018 9:10 am 0Likes

    OK folks let’s push back.
    Someone get to their local municipal office Monday morning and impose a stop work order with any type of complaint. Put on the paperwork whatever reason they can use.
    I will contact the Ministry of Labour for information on how to force a safety audit.
    Possibly fluid leaks or road damage or overweights/overloads/over length.
    Something is going to start the process of getting the municipal officials back in charge.
    Expect to be targeted because we have all stuck our necks out anyway and got nowhere.
    This is sure going to get interesting.

  • Notinduttondunwich
    Posted June 10, 2018 12:22 pm 0Likes
    This sh@t giveaway of our hydro needs to be investigated as well….. green export my @ss!!

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