The unconvincing spin on wind power in Ontario

September 19, 2018
Parker Gallant’s latest posting is in response to a new document from Canada’s wind power lobbyist, the Canadian Wind Energy Association or CanWEA.
CanWEA is carrying out an energetic campaign of persuasion as it is concurrently trying to promote a massive build of wind power in Alberta and Saskatchewan and defending its record in Ontario. With a new government that has pledged not only to cancel new contracts for huge unnecessary wind power projects (mostly, but not quite, done–Romney and North Stormont are still in process), but also to renegotiate existing contracts where possible.
That’s bad news for the trade association hoping to keep the gravy train going.
So, they have created a detailed characterization of the “success” wind power has been in Ontario. There is no mention of the inarguable environmental impacts, or of the thousands of formal reports of excessive wind turbine noise and adverse health effects–in some cases, so extreme people have been forced to leave their homes.
While the wind power projects may be able to “prove” compliance, using a very flawed protocol, the fact that hundreds of complaints are filed each month is a sure indicator of serious problems.
Here is Parker Gallant’s take on the CanWEA promotion piece.
NOTE: If you are experiencing problems with wind turbine noise/vibration/sensation, stray voltage from wind power infrastructure, or disturbed well water, it is absolutely imperative that you file complaints with the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks. The new government needs to know there are problems, and the public service needs to understand it is not status quo from the previous, pro-wind at any cost government.
Call the Spills Line 1-866-MOE-TIPS any time, be sure to get an Incident Report number, and keep a record of your call and the circumstances leading to your call. You may also call the individual wind power operator for the power project you believe is affecting you.

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  • Stan Thayer
    Posted September 20, 2018 8:03 pm 0Likes

    Warning- the wind energy spin is still working!
    I am a certified electrical technician and I work full time in the industry. Having said that, it is understandable that sometimes I get odd questions about our electrical grid.
    This question really blindsided me!
    The person asking lives in proximity to some IWT’S.
    Here is the actual question asked.
    Can you explain to me why the rural areas need so many windmills when Toronto only needs one?
    The person was serious and I was absolutely caught off guard.
    That proves the power of marketing. When most people read that a windmill can power 60,000 homes they simply say, “no way” and get on with their busy lives. Others think great we only need a couple to supply entire regions of the province. Of course now, after years of problems, more and more consumers realize that the hype about IWT’S contains no factual information and that it is simply good marketing.
    Many of the statements created for windmill parameters are only possible under certain conditions which probably will never coincide and therefore do not get mentioned.
    If it seems to good to be true—–it’s good marketing!
    Stan the power man

    • Wind Concerns Ontario
      Posted September 20, 2018 10:41 pm 0Likes

      Evan Solomon, a radio and TV political affairs host on CFRA Ottawa, actually expressed concern that Ontario would return to the days of more than 50 “smog days ” a year, now that the Green Energy Act is gone. Minister Rickford should have said, but didn’t: coal was never more then 10% of Ontario’s power supply; most of Ontario’s air pollution (what remains) is from transportation and US industries; and wind power never replaced anything. What coal produced was easily covered by nuclear. In fact, more wind means more natural gas, a fossil fuel, according to Ontario’s engineers.

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