The ad Facebook doesn’t want you to see

August 15, 2022

Simple ad pointed to a website post on the need for change in wind power approvals

Ten days ago, Wind Concerns Ontario filed a formal comment with the Independent Electricity System Operator or IESO in Ontario, asking that changes be made to the wind power contract approval process.

Although the Green Energy Act has been revoked, and municipalities now has land-use planning powers returned, the fact is, nothing else about project approvals have changed.

We thought people might like to know about that.

We thought they might like to read our comments about how citizens of various municipalities across Ontario had valid environmental concerns about proposed wind power projects. Those concerns were ignored. There is no requirement for wind power developers to do anything other than simply announce their project, hold a public meeting or two, and carry on.

We thought that should change and wanted to alert people.

So, we bought a Facebook ad for $25.

It was accepted.

And then, it was rejected. The explanation was that it didn’t meet Facebook’s policy requirements on politics.

Here’s the ad:

Municipalities need better process in wind power approvals, WCO tells the IESO.…/approval-process…/
It consists of one sentence, a link to our website, and a photo of people marching to protest the White Pines project in Prince Edward County. (It was eventually cancelled over environmental concerns.)
Who doesn’t want you to know about people’s right to express concern over industrial-scale wind power projects?
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  • jan k hansen
    Posted August 15, 2022 8:39 pm 0Likes

    Why do I get ‘fact checked ‘ by USA by media for reading and investigating the facts about wind machines that are polluters—-health problems can be traced to the wind noise, the results are not able to handle our energy needs either. The bird deaths are terrible also.

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