Keep testing, keep reporting on water problems: geologist

Water sample from home in North Kent: something is wrong. (Supplied photo)

Silence tells Ontario government North Kent well water problems after wind turbine construction have gone away: they haven’t

November 22, 2022

Geologist Keith Benn, who was one member of an expert panel created by the Ontario government to look at well water problems in North Kent, says more work needs to be done on the problem, and people can help by testing the water and reporting to the environment ministry.

Well water became cloudy and contaminated with black particles after wind turbine construction began in 2018; some wells were so clogged with sediment that the filtration equipment in some homes no longer works, and people have to store water in their garages or basements.

In a meeting held in the former Dover Township on Sunday, Benn said that while the government-sponsored study wasn’t perfect, it did show that more work needed to be done.

Citizens can help by having their own water tested, and reporting the results to the environment ministry, he said.

Otherwise, government will think the problems have just gone away.

“Maybe if some more people do this with their wells, and there’s a bigger data set, and it comes back showing this for a number of wells, maybe the government will be interested in doing more work,” he said, according to a report in the Chatham Daily News.

One of the problems with the recent study is that too few people participated; this echoes the experience in 2018-2019 when the Huron County Health Unit did a study on wind turbine noise but too few families participated. Huron County has seen hundreds of formal reports to the environment ministry about wind turbine noise, which led to the establishment of the health study.

Residents attending the meeting said they have lost trust in the Ford government and the environment ministry.

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