Pro-wind stance by “environmental” organizations will make life worse for working class, women, and rurals: Robert Bryce

The six-time book author, energy journalist and podcast host talks with Canada’s Dr Chris Keefer. And, he has a movie coming out in 2023!

Ontario shows “major pushback” to industrial wind power projects says Robert Bryce. Yep, we do.

Energy author, podcast host and commentator Robert Bryce was interviewed recently on the Decouple Media Podcast by Dr. Chris Keefer (Doctors for Nuclear Energy, Canadians for Nuclear Energy) on who the so-called “environmental” organizations are in the U.S., and how well funded are they.

Turns out, they have a lot of money.

A lot.

“A staggering amount of money” is being spent by organizations like the Climate Imperative which is funded by the “super elite” Bryce says, to further their personal climate and environmental beliefs. One organization, the Climate Imperative, has a budget of $1.5B USD.

They have become a kind of “climate aristocracy” he says, people who own multiple mansions and fly to various conferences and media events in private jets while telling working class people how to live.

“I’m for people who turn wrenches,” Bryce says in the wide ranging interview. This is an “asymmetrical fight.”

He says ideas such as banning natural gas use, even for home heating and cooking, doesn’t accomplish much in climate benefits but actually harms the working class, disadvantages women, and makes the urban-rural divide.

“Look at where these organizations are located,” he says, listing New York, Washington, San Diego … “there are no rural locations,” he says, “that’s flyover country to them.”

Bryce said natural gas is a cheap fuel and useful while we transition to other forms of power generation, but banning it outright is a class war.

He said the promotion of “renewables” such as wind by these environmental organizations is hard on rural communities that are forced to host these huge, invasive power projects. He noted that Ontario demonstrated “major pushback” against wind power projects: “communities don’t want them.”

Bryce told Dr Keefer that he has a new documentary film coming out this year called Burning The Grid.

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