Current Battery Energy Storage proposals: are you on the list?

Power developers are racing toward the December 12 deadline. See which Ontario communities have battery storage proposals before them, to the moment

November 12, 2023

There are now dozens of proposals for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) showing up in communities across Ontario.

Municipal approval is mandatory for IESO final approval but for now, developers (most of them wind and solar) are vying for community approval so they can get extra points in the rated criteria process. Public meetings are necessary, as part of the IESO requirements, too.

Wind Concerns Ontario has compiled a list of BESS proposals known to date. Many public meetings have already been held.

We also prepared a list of considerations regarding battery (chemical) storage that readers may wish to use when considering questions to ask, or to ensure that their municipal government is aware of issues such as the need for emergency preparedness, etc.

See the current proposal list here:

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