We are committed to informing the people of Ontario as to the many concerns surrounding industrial wind power.

Wind Concerns Ontario is a province-wide advocacy organization whose mission is to protect the health, safety and quality of life of the people of Ontario, and the environment. Our position is that the answer to the global challenge of climate change is to choose smart solutions. Industrial wind power, with its many environmental impacts, is not the answer to protecting the environment.

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PowerPoint Presentations

WCO provide PowerPoint presentations for community groups or individuals to take to their municipal councils for our Wind Concerns Ontario members and member groups only.


Get your organization heard with signs provided by WCO highlighting the harm that comes from wind turbines. 


WCO create brochures on health impacts from wind turbine noise emissions to help with your cause.


WCO curates' flyers in both English and French for mail drops, meetings etc.

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Wind Concerns Ontario supports responsible, environmentally sound solutions to our energy demands and environmental challenges. However, the plan supported by the Green Energy Act to locate industrial wind power plants at an accelerated schedule, with little oversight and no cost-benefit analysis, is tearing apart the very fabric of rural Ontario. Along with transformers, transmission lines, overhead distribution wires and substations these industrial wind turbines threaten people and the environment in serene, historic, rural communities, on prime agricultural land, migratory bird paths and close to sensitive wetlands, designated wildlife areas and pristine shorelines.

Wind Concerns Ontario is a coalition of individuals and grassroots citizen’s groups from across Ontario. Wind Concerns Ontario is incorporated with Industry Canada and receives no funding other than membership fees and donations. We are a strictly volunteer organization and, save for legal advisors and other consultants, rely on the dedicated work of members of citizen groups throughout Ontario.

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