Australian wind farm operator commits fraud, causes wilful harm to project neighbours

“Costing us a fortune to fight these multinational mobs” says local farmer

Two of the 52 wind turbines in the Bald Hills power project: the company collected millions then did nothing to fix problems [Photo: Bald Hills Wind Farm]
October 11, 2021

Recent testimony from the ongoing Bald Hills court case in Australia revealed the stunning news that while the wind power operator denied there were problems with its turbines, in fact it collected millions in compensation for the defective power generators…but then did nothing to fix them!

Read the news story here. An excerpt:

In the latest of a series of “David versus Goliath” wind farm cases in Victoria, local farmers John Zakula and Noel Uren are requesting damages for noise disturbance and could demand the wind farm be deactivated for at least some of the day. Infrastructure Capital Group disagrees with claims that its turbines have been causing significant disturbance.

Mr Arthur also conceded during cross-examination that his company had not told Mr Zakula and Mr Uren they were receiving compensation payments at the same time as operating the wind farm.

Speaking to The Sunday Age, Mr Zakula describes the sound of the turbines just over a kilometre from his home as “like a roaring train”.

The 64-year-old bought his property in Tarwin Lower in 2011, building his off-grid home from scratch with an organic farm and solar panels.

His bedroom had a window from floor to ceiling. Within a year of Bald Hills opening in 2015 – around the same time he lodged his first complaint to South Gippsland Shire Council – Mr Zakula pulled out the glass and replaced it with bluestone rocks to try and counter the noise.

For Mr Uren, who moved to a different property three years ago, it was the unpredictability of the turbine noise that most triggered him.

“It was worse in cold weather and when the wind came from a certain direction. Some days I’d look at the forecast, see cold days and dread the roaring I knew was on the way.”

The duo’s grievances have culminated in a challenge in the state’s highest court that will hear both sides’ final arguments on Tuesday.

The case typifies an increasingly common dispute in Victoria: residents protesting against the installation of noisy wind farms in what is a rapidly expanding sector.

“It’s costing us a fortune against these big multinational mobs. I’d like the entire compliance regime to be investigated and reconsidered after this,” he says.

A key word in this story is “tonality,” as it was apparently acknowledged the turbines were faulty, and produced harmful tonal emissions. In Ontario, the environment ministry Provincial Officers were directed not to treat the noise from wind turbines as “tonal or cyclic in nature.” (Page 14, WTG Complaint Response and Management, Ministry of the Environment Noise Measurement Training, West Central Region, June, 2010).

At the K2 Wind power facility, the ministry issued letters to citizens following measurement indicating that tonal emissions had been detected, but the turbines underwent an audit conducted by the operator, and are still operating today.

For the Bald Hills operator to knowingly inflict tonal emissions on nearby property owners—for YEARS—is the height of duplicity and callous disregard for the health of others.

The wind industry needs to address this problem immediately.

In Ontario, the government should conduct a complete revision of all wind power related processes from approval to measurement, compliance and enforcement. It needs to do that now.


Stan Thayer

Hey ya bunch of dummies, you want cheaper rates and 24/7 power but you don’t want noise or smell or waste or visible exhaust.
Explain to me how you think this is going to happen?
I would like to be on one of these industry directed studies, just for the money.
The Liberal government was voted in to remove the coal fired generation plants and they did. The 300 megawatt Nantikote coal fired 24/7 backup station was replaced with a 10 megawatt solar farm that in the last decade has not yet achieved 10% of expected production.
You asked for it, you got it!
The Green Energy Act has worked as intended, check out the listings on the TSX for the offshore wind power contracts from 2009.
Anyone with complaints should call Kathleen Wynne or Dalton McGuinty. But before you do enlighten yourself as to where they are getting their pension from,,,,,,,,,!

Stan Thayer
613 551 1280


“At the K2 Wind power facility, the ministry issued letters to citizens following measurement indicating that tonal emissions had been detected, but the turbines underwent an audit conducted by the operator, and are still operating today.”
Thank you for acknowledging this!
Why has no one investigated why the 89 turbines(more than half) were not derated?
What exactly happened?
The residents have a right to a full explanation!


Tonal noise is just one aspect of the harm. Acoustic pulsations that are inaudible, also referred to as infrasound is causing harm to health as well.
If there has not been a short or long term safety study with a control group for comparison, and we know there has not been, then how can industrial wind turbines be determined to be safe? Above all, in the name of ethical protocol, if human beings are the subjects of the industrial wind turbine experiment, then they must be given the opportunity to refuse to consent to having industrial scale wind turbines sited near their homes.
Forced relocation is not acceptable.
Siting turbines a safe distance from residents is the only option because there are health risks. The question remains what distance is safe? Dr. Mariana Alves-Pereira says the signature for detecting infrasound that can harm human health cumulatively and irreversibly spans 20 km. from industrial wind turbines
Why is having 72 turbines with blinking piercing red lights, visible from your home, not a crime against rural residents in Ontario?

Stan Thayer

Big oops, my bad!
It has been brought to my attention that the Nantikoke solar farm is listed at 44 megawatts and I listed it at 10, which was the projection when I was there. It was created in 4 projects. I never witnessed the completed array!
Since reviewing that I realized that I overlooked a zero in the coal fired amount of 300 megawatts,,,,,it should be 3000 megawatts.
The point was to imagine my disbelief back then to compare the overall contributions to the power grid from 3000 megawatts 24/7 to maybe 10 megawatts on a sunny day.
I still shake my head as now we are on the brink of blackouts in Ontario!
Check out,,,Enron, California blackouts.
Excuse my mistakes, sometimes I post to late!

Stan the power man

Stan Thayer

There can’t be much wind turbine noise around Ontario today. Only 6 of the Ontario windfarms have had continuous output over 1 megawatt since midnight for a last hour total of 151 megawatts into an increasing daily demand in the 17,000 megawatt range.
Who would even notice if they were all stalled, probably only me!
Nice sunrise here in Eastern Ontario this morning and finally some frost, wow, in late October, what a beeeeeeeutiful fall it has been, so time to finish my nuclear warmed coffee and go scrape the frost off my solar panels.

P.S. or have another nuclear heated coffee.

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