New to wind power?

We are working hard to help the public understand that wind power is not the answer to protecting the environment.

WCO provides:

  • a PowerPoint presentation for community groups or individuals to take to their municipal councils. (For Wind Concerns Ontario members and member groups ONLY)
  • signs
  • brochures on health impacts from wind turbine noise emissions
  • flyer in English and French for mail drops, meetings etc. WIND POWER Flyer -Bil WIND POWER Flyer-ENG

We recommend:

-get organized–form a community group and establish a board or leadership group

choose your name carefully: you want to be a source of information not an expression of anger (be careful of the acronyms possible, too)

-incorporate: this gives you a degree of protection from legal action and establishes you as a serious community organization

-read, read, read everything you can

-plan to hold a public meeting as soon as possible so your community knows what’s going on (we can help you with what to present)


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