Not a Willing Host

More than 70 Ontario municipalities have formally declared themselves Not a Willing Host to wind power generation projects. This action stemmed from remarks made by Premier Kathleen Wynne just days after she became premier, in which she said she would not force wind power projects on communities that don’t want them. (The 91 to date are out of approximately 100 communities that are vulnerable to wind power projects.)

Since that time, Premier Wynne has said she can’t get out of contracts already signed (not true–a FIT contract is not a guarantee of a Renewable Energy Approval), and that she isn’t going to “go backwards” and rescind or alter the Green Energy Act.

In the meantime, Ontario municipalities are fighting to protect their communities in every way they can.

See the list below, and map of Not a Willing Host communities at :

Some ideas for action:

-Council can pass a Not a Willing Host motion. (See sample below)

-Council can pass bylaws related to noise and shadow flicker

-Councils can also refuse to grant business licences

-Councils can and should ask for a Letter of Credit from wind power developers. This protects the municipality and citizens from the staggering costs of decommissioning a wind power project should it be built, and then the wind power developer ceases operation.

Sample Not a Willing Host resolution

WHEREAS the Premier of Ontario has recently conveyed the Government’s desire to limit Industrial Wind Turbine (IWT) Projects to communities that are willing hosts;

AND WHEREAS Council has received a clear message from its residents that they are not willing to host to IWTs in this community;

AND WHEREAS the municipality supports the position taken by a number of other rural Ontario municipalities that the Province should impose a moratorium on the approval of wind energy projects until clear evidence is provided ruling out health impacts.”

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Council for the [insert municipal name] applauds the position taken by the Premier and the Government;

AND THAT based on the previous position of Council regarding Industrial Wind Turbines that the Ministry of Environment be advised that the [insert municipal name] is not a “willing host” for Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs);

AND THAT this resolution be circulated to Premier Kathleen Wynne, as well as to the Minister of Environment, Minister of Energy, Minister of Rural Affairs and our local MPP.

Ontario Municipalities Declared “Unwilling host”

Total effective July 22, 2015: 89

Township of Alnwick-Haldimand

Township of Amaranth

Town of Amherstburg

Township of Arran-Elderslie

Township of Asphodel-Norwood

Township of Billings

Town of Blue Mountains

Municipality of Bluewater

Municipality of Brockton

Township of Brooke-Alvinston

County of Bruce

Township of Carlow/Mayo

Township of Cavan-Monaghan

Municipality of Central Huron

Town of Centre Wellington

Municipality of Calvin

Township of Chatsworth

Township of Chisholm

Municipality of Clarington

Township of Clearview

Township of Dawn-Euphemia

County of Dufferin

Municipality of Dutton-Dunwich

Township of East Garafraxa

Township of East Zorra-Tavistock

Township of Enniskillen

Town of Essex???? (checking on this August 11, 2015)

Township of Georgian Bluffs

County of Grey

Municipality of Grey Highlands

Town of Grand Valley

County of Haldimand

Township of Hamilton

Township of Howick

Municipality of Huron East

Township of Huron-Kinloss

City of Kawartha Lakes

Killaloe Hagarty

Municipality of Kincardine

Town of Lakeshore

County of Lambton

Municipality of Lambton Shores

Township of Madawaska Valley

Town of Mapleton

Township McNab-Braeside

Municipality of Meaford

Township of Melancthon

Township of Mulmur

Municipality of Middlesex Centre

Township of Minto

Municipality of Morris-Turnberry

Municipality of Nation

County of Norfolk

Township of North Dundas

Township of North Frontenac

Township of North Huron

Municipality of North Middlesex

Municipality of North Perth

Township of North Stormont

Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula

Township of Norwich

Village of Oil Springs

Town of Petrolia

Township of Perth East

Township of Perth South

Town of Plympton-Wyoming

Municipality of Powassan

Prince Edward County

Richards Township

Town of Saugeen Shores

Township of St. Clair

Township of South Algonguin

Municipality of South Bruce

Municipality of South Bruce Peninsula

Municipality of South Dundas

Township of Southgate

Municipality of South Huron

Municipality of South Middlesex

Township of Tiny

Municipality of Trent Hills

Township of Wainfleet

Township of Warwick

Township of Wellington North

Municipality of West Grey

Township of West Lincoln

Municipality of West Perth


CATEGORY: OTHER concerned communities

North Gower, within the City of Ottawa

For a map of Not A Willing Host communities please go to:


Communities that have passed motions of support: Chatham-Kent; Nation Twp