Wind power: Ontario’s high-cost “millstone”

“Wind wastes other clean supply and devalues exports.”

Ontario should reconsider its commitment to wind, policy consultant Marc Brouilette says. Two-thirds of Ontario’s wind output is surplus. [Photo Gary Moon]

In a stunning commentary published yesterday by the Council for Clean and Reliable Energy, energy policy consultant Marc Brouilette says that Ontario’s wind power program is an expensive adventure that does not achieve any of its goals for the environment or economic prosperity, and is in fact, making things worse.

At a cost of $1.5 billion in 2015, Brouillette says, the fact that wind power generation is completely out of sync with demand in Ontario results in added costs for constrained generation form other sources. Constrained nuclear and hydro cost $300 million that year, and a further $200 million in costs was incurred due to “avoided” natural gas generation.

And, the power isn’t even getting to the people who need it. “[O]nly one-half of total provincial wind output makes it to the Central Region and the GTA where most of Ontario’s electricity demand exists,” Brouillette states.

All things considered, wind costs more than $410 per megawatt hour, which is four times the average cost of electricity in Ontario. This is being charged to Ontario’s electricity customers, at an increasing rate.

Ontario should reconsider its commitment to more wind, Brouillette concludes: “these challenges will increase if Ontario proceeds to double wind capacity to the projected ~6,500 MW.”


Pat Cusack

Its pretty obvious that Marc does not know how to use our Mz Wynnes math. Bernie


Once the lawsuits begin in Ontario, this industrial wind turbine story will become even more of a waste of money to the Ontario taxpayers.


Again so defendable in court…..
once the rural people of Ontario have had enough it will spill over onto the back roads and turdbines sights…. people have every right to be angry!! Such an abuse of power by the very people we pay to govern us!!! When people start paying money to protect themselves from the government… well….. it never ends well….


ACP link to:

The Report of the United Nation’s Secretary-Generals: High Level Panel On Global Sustainability

‘Resilient People Resilient Planet: A Future Worth Choosing’, 2012, 100 pages.

Annex II, pages 88-89

Has a list of the country panel members.

Members from:

And others

More information on the internet.


Environment and Climate Change Canada

‘Canada’s Second Biennial Report on Climate Change’, 2016

1.1 Highlights of Canada’s Action on Climate Change

1.2 Sub-national action on climate change

Table A31: GHG Measures Implemented in Projections (in place as of September 2015)



‘Charting A New Low-Carbon Route To Development: A Primer on Integrated Climate Change Planning for Regional Governments’, June 2009

Executive Summary Re: Governors’ Global Climate Summit 1, 2008

P.21, GGCS Declaration which included energy efficiency and renewable energy and more.

Ontario participated in this 2008 California event.

UNDP publication download available at PreventionWeb.


UNFCCC, Dec.8, 2015

‘Cities & Regions Launch Major Five-Year Vision to Take Action on Climate Change’

Scroll down to: About the LPAA / The Lima – Peru Action Agenda

The LPAA initiatives related to the Cities & Sub-nationals are:


Under 2 MOU
Compact of Mayors
Compact of States and Regions
And others:

Also relates to Ontario.


Western Climate Initiative

Original agreement signed Feb.26, 2007, U.S.

Original content of the agreement and signers can be downloaded at:

Wait for download.

Ontario signed the WCI agreement later (2008) so the Ontario agreement could be different than the original 2007 signed in the U.S.

Ontario should have a copy of their WCI agreement?

Cap-and-trade is mentioned in the 2007 original U.S. agreement.


Quebec /Quebec Premier’s Website, January 25, 2007

‘Premier Jean Charest favors the creation of a carbon market in Canada’

Re: Montreal Climate Exchange & the Chicago Climate Exchange.

Scroll down to:

“In this effort, the Montreal Climate Exchange (MCeX), was created in July 2006 through a partnership between the Montreal Exchange and the Chicago Climate Exchange, could play a leading role.”



The Flick Off advertising campaign was launched in Toronto April 25, 2007.

The campaign was aimed at young Canadians.

Clear Blue Skies

With the evidence mounting weekly against EVERY aspect of IWT, How can Wynne continue to ignore our pleas to STOP Wind Turbines.

Stan Thayer

Hey Marc Brouillet where tahell have you been hiding. We have been preaching this for years.
Maybe, just maybe, your input will touch a nerve.
I am almost at my limit so good-luck Marc and thanks.
Stan the power man.

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