Carmen Krogh at ideacity

June 19, 2015

“Doesn’t matter if it’s in Japan, or Germany, or anywhere in the world,” said Carmen Krogh at the ideacity conference in Toronto yesterday, the symptoms of exposure to the audible noise and infrasound/low-frequency noise emitted by utility-scale wind turbines are the same around the world.

“Brave people stepped forward in 2009,” Krogh said, recalling how she got involved in her journey of investigating the health effects from wind turbines.

The wind energy “road map” in Canada is very interesting: wind power development is essentially industry-led, to the detriment of Canadian citizens.

Krogh also discusses the appeal process in Ontario, and the tough “burden of proof” set up by the industry-led government regulations.

See the video here.



Thanks Carmen !!!

Richard Mann

Excellent presentation.
Thanks Carmen!

Political First

Yes. Thank you Carmen.


Great throw down, Carmen.
Looks like you won over what I would have suspected to be a typical urban, wind friendly audience.
Thank you.


We need the language of compassion in this struggle.

Carmen Krogh embodies compassion. Compassion propels her to apply her expertise to help the people threatened with adverse health effects. She is a model activist.

Why are people willing to accept and ‘turn a blind eye’ to the reality that some residents of Ontario are becoming ill from living too close to industrial wind turbines? I simply do not understand this.

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