Ontario announces cancellation of renewable energy contracts

Citizens of Dutton Dunwich oppose the Invenergy wind power project

July 13, 2018

The Ontario government just announced cancellation of renewable energy contracts for which significant contractual milestones had not yet been met.

The move will save $790 million from being added to electricity generation costs, and passed on to consumers’ electricity or hydro bills.

The contracts to be cancelled likely include the five newest wind power projects, which were awarded contracts by the IESO in 2016, and which have not yet been given final approval. One, the “Nation Rise” project in North Stormont, did get a Renewable Energy Approval on May 4, just days before the write period for the recent election. That project is being appealed by a community group, The Concerned Citizens of North Stormont, a community group member of the Wind Concerns Ontario coalition.

“This was the right decision,” says Jane Wilson, president of Wind Concerns Ontario. “There were significant environmental and health concerns inherent in each of these projects, the communities did not want them but were being forced to have these industrial power projects, and the costs would be yet more burden on Ontario citizens.”

Health effects of the noise produced by the huge wind power generators is a concern especially, as Wilson says, “because there are literally thousands of reports of excessive wind turbine noise across Ontario that are to this day unresolved, and the ministry under the previous government was not even responding to complaints from Ontario families. Staff noted adverse health effects in documents released to us, but no action was taken.

Given this evidence and these serious concerns, it is a good decision not to add to the existing problems with how wind power was implemented in Ontario.”

Basic Feed-in-Tariff Contract Costs[1]

  Name Plate Capacity (MW) Annual Cost ($M) 20 Year Cost ($M) Annual Cost Per Household ($)
Operating Turbines 4,936 $1,693 $33,856 $352
Under Construction   393 $   128 $ 2,567 $ 27
LRP I Projects   (Pre-Construction)   299 $       65 $ 1,307 $ 14
Total 5,628 $1,886 $37,730 $393

[1] Estimated costs are based on FIT Contract rates of $135 per MW and average costs for the RFP projects of $89.5 per MW based estimated actual electricity production.




Andre Lauzon

Thanks for your continued hard work Jane. It must gratifying to see some positive action on the part of our new government. I’m very, very happy to see it.


I guess we just stole back our money they stole from us…. or at least some of it…. congratulations to all who fought… donated… supported… reported…. or had the sense to dig in and make a stand… you all have made a huge differance in alot of peoples lives and for that i am eternally grateful….
Thank you All…

Stan Thayer

Well presented Jane and THANK-YOU doesn’t seem enough.
With all the actual, conclusive, irrefutable, undeniable, detrimental data that has amassed over the years, it is hard for me to comprehend how anyone cannot understand how much time and money and material has been lost with this green gone wrong fiasco.
The harm done cannot be corrected!
Now the embellishments and deceit of the so-called facts needs to be recognized and stopped.
The battle has been won but the war continues.
Stan Thayer


Has Ontario also been under a blocking high pressure area/system the past few days?


“The harm done cannot be corrected!”
Hopefully turbines in projects that are up and running will be turned off so that all of the absolutely innocent men, women and children being harmed will have a chance to recover from the harm. Hopefully their bodies can fully recover.
This action must be made a high priority.

What a relief it must be for Dutton Dunwich residents!

Stan Thayer

I can’t belive it!
A while ago I spoke to a certain young lady about one aspect of the false information being presented on the Canadian Wind Energy website. I was told that the info is provided by a very reliable source.
Reliable according to who I asked!
No-one returned with an answer to my question. That young lady seems to be gone along with the bogus info.
How about that?
Stan the power man


Has anyone seen a list of the energy projects that have been cancelled? Over how many years has the $800,000,000 savings been spread? How has the savings been calculated?


Thanks for the list. I thought the new government would have made it more accessible. I do think axing farm, landfill, and sewer farm biogas plants might be a mistake. A good way to get rid of methane. Good riddance to the rest of them.

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